No Budget Video: 3 tricks to help small charities punch above their weight with videos

phone video

When you’re a small charity with little or no budget for video, it can be hard to imagine how you could compete with bigger charities whose budgets for film production stretch into the thousands. In this guest post, Jeremy Jeffs from Magneto Films explains how small charities can use the DIY aesthetic to punch above their weight without spending a fortune.

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Creating case studies


It’s one of the most common communications mistakes made by third sector organisations. When describing what they do, they focus on either their inputs (the resources they have spent doing their work) or their outputs (the actual work they have done), rather than their impact – i.e. what has changed as a result of their work.

But showing the impact of your work is crucial – this is what funders, supporters and potential service users all want to see, and it’s what makes people remember you.

One of the best and simplest ways of showing your impact is by producing compelling case studies.

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