Editorial Services


My background in media production and PR means that I can offer more than just words – I understand the role of copy in the wider context of your communications strategy.

Want to raise your profile as an expert and build trust with your audience? I can write specialist thought leadership pieces under your byline (and I can even help you to get them published).

Want to influence decision-makers, generate income and encourage lead conversion? I can deliver compelling, persuasive copy that inspires readers to take action.

Want to promote the quality, professionalism and distinctiveness of your organisation? I can help position your brand with a unique tone of voice that reflects your personality and your values.

With a wide range of clients from across the professional, public and non-profit sectors, I have experience writing for all types of audiences – from experts to lay people.

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You might already have the basics in place when it comes to content; you might even have most of it written down. But it sounds a bit clunky – a little dull, maybe, or perhaps it just doesn’t quite flow. I can help with this, too.

I edit all types of content, from reports, white papers and other long-form corporate copy, to web pages, campaign collateral and marketing copy, helping you to ensure that all your written communications are clear, concise and compelling.

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What clients say:

“Liz is an exceptional copywriter. We were blown away by how on point she was in revamping our website copy and the creation of new collateral. Very conscientious and flexible as well. Thank you Liz!”

“It has been a pleasure working with you on this project and I genuinely think you are one of the best copywriters we have ever worked with.”

“The press release is excellent as always, thank you. You have such clarity in your writing style.”

“I absolutely love the leaflet – I had a big tear in my eye reading it! You have such a great way with words and you really ‘got it’ with who our charity is.”

Third sector consultancy

Alongside my editorial services,  I also offer communications consultancy and training to charities, social enterprises and other non-profits.

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