The real benefits of returning to work after having a baby

Screaming baby

Much is written about the dilemma of returning to work once you have a baby. Will you be able to afford the childcare? Will you be able to arrange flexible working hours to suit your family? Will your child grow up to be Norman Bates because you are not giving them your undivided attention 24 hours a day?

All valid questions indeed. However, as a female human who has recently spawned offspring and now finds herself returning work, I feel that not enough has been written about the real benefits of doing so.

I’m not talking about the financial benefits here, or even the benefits of your child growing up knowing that Mummy is more than just a combined feeding/cleaning unit whose consumption of vast amounts of Dairy Milk is likely keeping Cadbury’s solvent – I’m talking about the benefits that you only realise exist (or at least, are only willing to believe exist) once you are in this situation.

So in order to tip the balance back towards truth, here are my top five benefits of returning to work after having a baby. Continue reading