Let’s get together! Three great reasons to join the CharityComms Midlands Networking Group

Become part of our network

Working in communications for a regional charity can be an isolating experience – you often work on your own, your colleagues probably don’t really understand exactly what you do, and with a lot of sector events being rather London-centric, it sometimes feels like yours is the only charity based outside the M25.

But with more than 20,000 charities in the East and West Midlands combined, you are far from alone. That’s why the CharityComms Midlands Networking Group was set up – to bring together the many communications professionals working with and for charities in the Midlands, with a view to supporting, inspiring and learning from each other.

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New #ccmidlands event: Creating content that works for you


In a world where competition for your audience’s attention is fierce, it’s no longer enough to simply have a digital presence as a charity – you need to fill it with interesting, useful and relevant content.

But what constitutes great content? How do you find/create it? And how do you make it work for your charity?

These are the questions that we will be discussing at the next meet up of the CharityComms Midlands Networking Group.

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