Let’s get together! Three great reasons to join the CharityComms Midlands Networking Group

Become part of our network

Working in communications for a regional charity can be an isolating experience – you often work on your own, your colleagues probably don’t really understand exactly what you do, and with a lot of sector events being rather London-centric, it sometimes feels like yours is the only charity based outside the M25.

But with more than 20,000 charities in the East and West Midlands combined, you are far from alone. That’s why the CharityComms Midlands Networking Group was set up – to bring together the many communications professionals working with and for charities in the Midlands, with a view to supporting, inspiring and learning from each other.

The group meets three times a year in central Birmingham, and has a dedicated Facebook group for its members to stay connected between events. Each event is themed around a relevant communications topic, featuring a guest speaker and group discussions followed by informal networking.

So, as a Midlands charity communications professional, why should you join the group? Here are three great reasons to come along to an event and become a member.

  1. Get advice and support

Ever faced a challenge at work that you just can’t crack on your own? Sometimes, having someone else to bounce ideas off is all you need, and the supportive, friendly atmosphere of the Midlands Networking Group is the perfect place to find help and moral support.

  1. Learn new skills and share knowledge

Perhaps you’re considering exploring a new comms channel for your charity, or you’re looking for new digital tools that can benefit your service users. The vast, collective skill base of our members means that even if you don’t have in-depth knowledge of a topic, someone else undoubtedly will. The group discussions that form part of each event are a great way of sharing that knowledge and helping each other out.

  1. Connect with peers

With members at all stages of their careers, and working for charities of all sizes, the Midlands Networking Group is the perfect place to find new opportunities to connect with peers and form new working relationships. Whether you are looking for the next challenge in your career, searching for someone to mentor you, or just looking for collaborators for new projects, the informal networking that is part of each event is an ideal opportunity to make new connections and open exciting new doors.

The next CharityComms Midlands Networking Group event is taking place on Wednesday 14th June 2017, and is all about communications and volunteering – from how to attract and retain the right volunteers, to the best way of getting them involved in your PR and comms work.

To find out more and to book your place, visit the event page on the CharityComms website.

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