New communications training courses in Birmingham

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I’ve recently been working with BVSC (that’s the Birmingham Voluntary Services Council, for anyone unfamiliar with the Brummie charity landscape) and am happy to announce that I will be running two new communications training courses as part of their Autumn training programme.

Both courses are ideal for small to mid-sized charities with limited comms resources, and are designed to equip delegates with practical skills and the confidence to use them.

Having run similar workshops in the past as part of the strategy development process I go through with my clients, I’m looking forward to bringing this training to a new audience within Birmingham.

The courses

Communications Strategies for the Third Sector is a one-day course that provides the information and tools necessary to develop an effective communications strategy. It covers the role of communication within third sector organisations, and how having a strategy for it can help to achieve a charity’s overall aims.

During the course, delegates will learn how to identify communications objectives, map audiences, formulate key messages and develop their brand. They will also learn more about the various communications channels available, and how to develop a practical plan to use these channels.

Book a place on this course here.

Demonstrating Impact in the Third Sector is a half-day course designed to help charities more effectively communicate the value of their organisation through storytelling.

Delegates on this course will learn why stories are so powerful, what makes a great story, and how to put proven storytelling techniques into practice. The course will also look at how to find stories from within organisations, what barriers exist for beneficiaries, volunteers and staff in terms of sharing their experiences (and how to overcome them), and how to integrate stories into an organisation’s communications more generally.

Book a place on this course here.


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